So what is it that keeps bringing me back?

As I mentioned in the initial post scale models are a hobby that I
have had an on again off again affair with since I was a child. It’s
difficult to say what it is that keeps bringing me back to it. It’s
certainly something I enjoy doing, there’s some thing really satisfying
about watching what ever it is you are building slowly taking shape in
your own hands.

I’ve always enjoyed making things, even as a child, then again during my
apprenticeship in engineering. Even now in my current mainly office
based job, the times I enjoy the most at work are those when I get
to leave my monitor and keyboard for a while and head into the workshops
to actually produce the required goods.  I guess the creation part of
the hobby is certainly the biggest appeal to me, but I also appreciate
the finished articles too.

So what bought me back this time? Well I last built a kit probably around 8
or 9 years ago and then as life does, it got in the way. I still had a
few kits sitting in the spare room unbuilt and one of my customers from
work invited me to attend the Scottish National Scale Model Show to meet
him and see some of the build he and his club were displaying there.
Unfortunately I didn’t actually get to meet the customer but I was again
taken in by the world in miniature on display.

The builds at the show were amazing and all the vendors selling kits and
after market parts etc. Well it whet my appetite so I decided to buy a
cheap kit to get back into things and start building again. After much
time spent lusting after many of the kits on sale I finally settled on
an F-5E Tiger II by Revell in 1/48 Scale out of pure nostalgia for the
aircraft as its one I have loved since childhood.


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