When faced with a basement crammed full of old cardboard boxes, Columbus, Ohio resident Thomas Richner turned what could’ve been a tedious housecleaning chore into a completely awesome project. 140 hours later he’d painstakingly created a 5-foot-long, spectacularly detailed cardboard model of the Millennium Falcon.

Sure, it would’ve taken far less time to simply recycle all that cardboard, but you know what?

“She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.”

Richner used photographs and drawings of of the original ship as references while he built up the cardboard structure. As he got farther along and into more detailed stages, he used a snap-together model kit and 1977 Millennium Falcon Kenner toy as additional references.

“Cleaned out most of those boxes in the basement and have a five foot Falcon to show for it! My wife is thrilled!”

Visit Thomas Richner’s Imgur project page for plenty more process photos.

[via The Visual News]


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