Tiny troubles!

So progress on the 1/72 Airfix Gnat T.1 is moving along at a nice pace. I have had a couple of small fit issues, where the wing panel joins the rear fuselage left a large panel gap. Material is too thin on one of the wings trailing edge but shouldnt be an issue, also on the underside the panel where the undercarriage would retract behind again theres a large panel gap. Also where the wing root joins the fuselage on the leading edge didnt look right so the filler came out and most have been sorted but truth be told I’ve probably not spent as much time as I should have fixing these.

I am going to be picking up another of these kits though and the next one I will be spending much more time on. The reason I am going to be getting another of these kits is because I cant decide which colour scheme would look better on a model of this scale. Within the Dayglo schemes there are a couple of options with the most common being the High Speed Silver / Dayglo combo thats on the box art, or there was also the Light Aircraft Grey / Dayglo scheme that although not listed in the kit I am sure would look pretty good too.

Anyway as you can see the first coat of primer is on, I will sand this back tomorrow before applying another tomorrow and then wait until Tuesday before starting the actual colour scheme!


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