TH-1G Update

I got some time at the bench so I thought I would get some of the Cobra
done, I started by painting up the instrument panels.
Then once I had painted up the seats I added the photo etch seatbelts,
is the first time I have ever used any etch, but as it came in the kit
it would have been rude not to!

I couldn’t quite work out how the rear instrument panel sub assembly
fitted into the cockpit tub, it was only after much swearing I realised
the seperate instruction sheet with the “recommendations and
improvements” for the kit said not to install it until after the
fuselage halves were together despite saying to add to the tub sub
assembly at the same time as everything else on the main instruction
sheet. This additional sheet definately had it right though, as soon as
I dry fit the halves I could see how easy it was going to be, so I
added the photo etch parts to the fuselage and joined the halves

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