Jaguar Complete!

Well I am calling her done for now, theres a couple of touch ups I still need to do and I wanted to weather her a bit, but I don’t have the right weathering set for this colour pallete at the moment. I didn’t think I was ever going to get it finished at one point but I am glad I got the mojo back enough to face this one again as I am really pleased with the out come on this one, it looks much better than I ever thought it would.

A New Project

After a late night visit to the Hannants website I ended up placing an order for a few new kits and aftermarket items and this is one of the things I picked up. So as a second entry to the Britmodeller Helicopter Group Build I have decided to have a bash at building the Revell 1/72 UH-1D as a Luftwaffe SAR aircraft, I want to build as a hospital variant so the back is filled with stretchers etc.

I was going to use the Airwaves etch set that is in the picture but I have decided to keep the etch for another Huey I want to build as a Slick so I will keep the etch for now.

Jaguar demasked… Again!

So here’s the Jaguar after a little more work, the final coat of flat white has dried and I have peeled off the paper/maskol masking I had applied. You will notice that I have not gone for a completely opaque finish with the white. This is because the actual temporary camo that was applied to the airframes for the training ops in Norway was extremely uneven and was more like a white wash that was put on over the top of the standard Green/Grey and all the markings etc.

Jaguar Update

So I have been working on the Jaguar a fair bit just lately, after so many issues with the fit of this kit I had kind of consigned it to never be finished; but completing the Cobra build really got my mojo up and I have been quite happily plugging away with this now. So I scanned the images for the temporary snow camo they used for the Norway training ops in the mid 80s (although the representation on the art work is much tidier than the real air craft ever were) cut out the paper masks and stuck them on using my new found Maskol technique. This was repeated on the fuel tanks and a few coats of Tamiya Flat white were thrown at her through the airbrush.