Well I avoided a New Years post setting out my aims for the blog this year, as I don’t really have any, my audience is limited and to be honest I do this mainly to catalogue my builds for my own satisfaction and to be able to look back and see how my modelling is progressing.

That said I do have an audience, however limited it may be, so I would at least like to make the blog a little more than a collection of look what I did photo’s. To that extent I am going to try a few new things out over the coming weeks.

I have a received a new airbrush which I was considering doing an un-boxing video on, I have also purchased and been using a new compressor which I was also going to review, although this would most likely be a more traditional written review although depending on the reception my airbrush video gets I may make this a video review too. I am going to try an make more of an effort with my reading also so the book reviews will hopefully become more frequent too. Finally comes the build’s, I was disappointed with my output last year and as we head into March I still don’t have a completed build this year so most of all I want to have ended up with an average of at least one completed build per month from here on in.

To that end, my vampire is nearing completion, I need to get the finger out with the X-Wing and there’s a new build starting soon which is another new subject matter for me!

Routing wire and fibre optics

With the cockpit all painted up It was time to route the cables and fibre optics. I know the pilots helmets not right and it will be fixed but anyway here’s a couple of pics of where I’m at. Now I’m off to get some LEDs wired up and get some tests run.

Preventing light bleed

So I tested an LED in situ and there was significant amounts of light bleeding through the bare plastic so I have painted the insides of the engines with a couple of coats of metallic paint to try and reduce this effect, I still have some spots that I am concerned about due to the wall thickness but I am hoping using a primer on the outside that contains micro fillers should sort that out… fingers crossed!

A bright idea…

So there’s not much room in this in little kit for putting lights in so here are the main parts that are going to need butchered.. err I mean modified to make room, as you can see I have already made a start by removing the front locating pin in the engine nacelle, I think I am going to have to thin the walls a little too in order for a 3mm LED to fit.