Where Am I?

Well it’s been a while since my last post and that’s because things are pretty much all over the place at the moment still. The home renovations that were supposed to be short term expanded into a bigger project so this means my bench, kits and everything else are going to be in storage for quite a while yet.

I was going to try and get some book reviews done but that just has not proved possible as of yet as time has been at a massive premium. I do still make time for the monthly club meets but between work commitments and the renovations I haven’t even been able to get to any of the recent shows although I do want to make a special effort to make it to the Glasgow Modelfest this month.

So apologies for my absence, I will get back to building and posting as soon as possible, first thing I am going to have to do is repair a load of my builds that have been damaged in storage, but until I am back I hope all your builds are drama free and most of all, fun.