Build Complete!

Well I am calling it done, there’s one or two things I would like
to have changed, for example I kind of wish I had modeled her in flight,
I have decided against weathering it as granted there’s not a vast
amount of images of them in this scheme but those that are seem to show
some pretty pristinely kept airframes, although should could probably
benefit from a very light panel wash in the future I dont have the right
colours so no point putting a dark one on for the sake of it as it
probably wouldnt look right.

All in all for a low budget kit that has risen from the ashes of the
failed Tan models project I think that its a great little kit, sure it
has its inaccuracies but so do a lot of kits that cost a hell of a lot
more than this ones £10 price tag and it really is a fun little kit to
build, the decal sheet is extensive and is great to work with, plenty of
options to build but the instructions probably could do with improving
to say the least

Home Straight & A Minor Disaster!

Ok sneak peak before she’s finished. I had an incident with some masking
tape removing part of a decal and some paint.. note to self always go
to the hobby shop and buy more tamiya tape instead of trying to use the
duck brand hi tac masking tape you bought for painting the skirting in
the house. I kind of recovered, has left a mark where there wasnt one
before, I would normally sand down and repaint the area but time isnt
going to allow it as the build is for a group build on Britmodeller and the deadline is this weekend. I butchered some other decals to patch up the
damaged one and thats ok but the paint area is going to annoy me so I will probably fix this in the none to distant future.

Slowly slowly!

Another quick shot of the F-5A from Tiger Hobbies. Flat Black’s applied, and the pic shows her waiting for decals. I actually made a start on them last night and they’re pretty good. The wing walkway outline broke up a bit but the stencils have all been easy to work with, they’re maybe using carrier film thats a touch thick for my liking but in general they’re pretty good. So much so I might actually keep the Turkish option to use on another F-5 I have planned.

Laying Down Some Paint!

Finally starting to look like an aircraft. Got the first paint down on her last night, I have used Revell Aqua’s Aluminium for this. I was going to pick out some panels with a different shade of metallic but I’m not sure if I should bother as the blue diamonds ships always seem to be spotless in the images I have seen.

Unfiltered shots of the F-5E

I am not happy with the final result, over did the weathering in my opinion but as the kit was only ever to get my hand back in I’m not too bothered. The ladder needs a touch up too, the list goes on.


Look what the deliveryman brought me! Got them on the Airfix VE Day promotion on the Airfix website. Have to say I won’t hesitate to use them again. Purchase was a great buying experience, plenty of contact throughout, I even got a text and email this morning with a 1hr time slot the items would be delivered within and they arrived bang on time. Kits were well packed. The box was full of packing peanuts which I have emptied out to take the photo.

The Build!

So as I mentioned in the previous post the kit I picked up at the Scottish National Scale Model Show was the one above. The Revell 1/48 F-5E Tiger II, probably not the best kit to choose to get myself back in to building after such a long time away.

I picked up this kit as I love the subject matter, I have had a soft spot for the F-5 since the eighties. I first came across them in Top Gun (F-5s played the part of the fictional MiG-28s) and I thought they were fantastic. I used to go to the library a lot as a child and I would spend hours in the aircraft section looking at pictures of many aircraft but the F-5 always had that something special for me.

It turns out the kit is a re-boxing of the old monogram kit and comes with all the associated fit, flash and warping issues that should be expected with a kit of that age. The fit especially was terrible, and I have never done much with modelling fillers etc so it was going to be a particularly frustrating build.