Blackbirds office

Well the cockpits for the SR-71 provided no issues at all and look pretty decent even if I do say so myself. There was a nice amount of raised detail to pick out so I didn’t feel the need for any aftermarket. Time to get it installed!

Cockpit complete

Well after what seemed like far too many parts of etch the cockpit is pretty much complete and it’s time to shut the fuselage up, meaning that most of the etch will never be seen again but that’s nothing new is it! Onward!

Jaguar Pit Complete

So heres a couple poor pictures of the completed sub assembly for the Jaguar cockpit. Considering its out of the box its actually a pretty decent cockpit when compared to some other kits. I picked out all the details using a 000 gauge brush and Tamiya acrylics

The Build Begins!

So I started work on the 1/72 Gnat T1 fom Airfix today. Cockpits painting and sub assembly is now complete and the intakes are now on there appropriate halves of the fuselage with minimal fuss. I have to say although the cockpit is a bit over simplified the other detailing on this kit considering its size have impressed me.