HMS Astute Reporting for Paint!

Main Hull of the 1:700 HMS Astute ready for paint
Main Hull of the 1:700 HMS Astute ready for paint

I haven’t forgotten about this kit, I finally have the hull seam somewhere near like respectable, well its close enough anyway. So here we have the main hull assembly and the prop ready and waiting for a coat of ever so boring Vallejo Black!

All Clamped up

The biggest problem I am having with these small scale subs is getting the hull halves to line up, and yet again despite my best efforts with clamps to get the halves in sync there is still a visible step in places so I have masked off the seam for some filler work with un-thinned Mr Surfacer 500.


Another Submarine!

Ok so whilst we are waiting for the decals to dry on the Seawolf I thought I might as well break out another 1:700 sub, this time in the shape of the Royal Navy’s HMS Astute by Hobby Boss!

Here’s the sprue and box shots, as you can see there’s not much to this one either although the part count is slightly higher than the Seawolf at least. I have to admit although I don’t have any past interest in Sub’s the models have made me look at them; I always like to do a little research on the subjects I model and they have kindled a maritime interest in me I must confess.

I can see more of similar subject matters adding themselves to my ever growing stash at this rate.