Ultrasonic Cleaner

So this weekend I got to use my new ultrasonic cleaner. This was a purchase bought on by the failure of the ultrasonic transducer in my old machine so a new unit was ordered and arrived during the week.

My previous cleaner was one of the plastic ones with its own first name that you will see in many places around the internet for about £30 delivered, usually advertised for cleaning jewelery etc and it failed after around 18 months of infrequent use so I was a little disappointed.

With this failure though I decided to have a look at some of the more robust or industrial looking units out their when I came across this GT Sonic 2 ltr Ultrasonic Cleaner with built in heater on offer at an online retailer. It was the inclusion of the heater that first attracted me to the unit as my old unit said that it should only be used with cold water which isn’t condusive to optimal results from an ultra sonic which usually perform at their best above 40 Celcius.

Well the little brown box arrived a week sooner than I had expected and the unit was resonably packaged. In the box you get the cleaner itself, mains powercord and wire basket which is fitted with brackets to hold the basket off the bottom of the tank that fold inside the basket for storage and a lid that just sits on the top

The tank itself is not very large really  measuring 150x140mm and approx 100mm deep but this is plenty big enough for cleaning a stripped down airbrush. If you are looking to clean larger items the units are available in other sizes up to 6ltr capacity I beleive. On the front of the unit you have the seperate controls for setting the desire temperature up to a max temp of 80C and the timer which can be set to a maximum of 99min (although the manual says not to run for more than 60min continuously, theres also on off switches for each. The casing of the unit is metal and it sits on 4 rubber feet.

Using the unit I straight away noticed a difference from my old cleaner in that the ultrasonics seemed much more poweful, I beleive this is probably due to the frequency the ultrasonics is running at, 40khz, I think the larger units are fitted with multiple transducers but I beleive that this one is only fitted with a single transducer, but it is plenty powerful enough and a little louder than my previous cleaner. The temperature quickly rose to the 45C I had set and actually increased a few degrees above this I suspect due to the heat being generated by the transducer.

I’ve cleaned a couple of airbrushes that had been a little neglected and had only had a flush clean at the end of the last few sessions instead of a full strip and brush clean and the unit easily got all the little deposits that were left inside to break free from the brushes and they were soon looking as clean as I had ever seen them.

So first impressions are this is a very well built machine that works very well indeed and due to the fact I was able to secure this unit on offer meant I only paid £5 more than I did for the previous unit it is replacing and it has a much better level of performance. If I do encounter any problems I will let you know.