Primed and Ready

A little progress has been made on the Cobra again, I managed to finish the main part of the assembly and get some primer on her. It actually looks pretty good at first Glance this morning, can only see two small areas that will need any remedial work done prior to laying down the paint.

I did have one minor disaster though and thats the photetch mesh guards on the inside of the intakes, when i was trying to mask them off for primer one of them cant have been glue particularly well and came away and is now floating about inside the model. Most editions of the kit dont come with the photoetch parts anyway so I poked the other side in too in order to even it off.

In other news I have restarted to work on the stalled italeri Jaguar project I began, I am just doing little bits here and there in between working on the Cobra but expect an update on that project soon


Build Complete!

Well I am calling it done, there’s one or two things I would like
to have changed, for example I kind of wish I had modeled her in flight,
I have decided against weathering it as granted there’s not a vast
amount of images of them in this scheme but those that are seem to show
some pretty pristinely kept airframes, although should could probably
benefit from a very light panel wash in the future I dont have the right
colours so no point putting a dark one on for the sake of it as it
probably wouldnt look right.

All in all for a low budget kit that has risen from the ashes of the
failed Tan models project I think that its a great little kit, sure it
has its inaccuracies but so do a lot of kits that cost a hell of a lot
more than this ones £10 price tag and it really is a fun little kit to
build, the decal sheet is extensive and is great to work with, plenty of
options to build but the instructions probably could do with improving
to say the least

Slowly slowly!

Another quick shot of the F-5A from Tiger Hobbies. Flat Black’s applied, and the pic shows her waiting for decals. I actually made a start on them last night and they’re pretty good. The wing walkway outline broke up a bit but the stencils have all been easy to work with, they’re maybe using carrier film thats a touch thick for my liking but in general they’re pretty good. So much so I might actually keep the Turkish option to use on another F-5 I have planned.

Laying Down Some Paint!

Finally starting to look like an aircraft. Got the first paint down on her last night, I have used Revell Aqua’s Aluminium for this. I was going to pick out some panels with a different shade of metallic but I’m not sure if I should bother as the blue diamonds ships always seem to be spotless in the images I have seen.

Hurricane MKI complete!

Here are some photographs of the completed MKI Hurricane by Airfix in 1/72nd Scale. First of all I need to thank Mitch from Britmodeller for sending me a spare canopy after mine met with disaster through my own stupidity.

I think the brown colour is incorrect but I kind of like how it looked when it had dried so I left it instead of painting over. Painted using a mix of Tamiya and Revell Acrylics and Varnished with Windsor and Newton Matt on the top side of the aircraft. I hope you like it and if you have any suggestions for improvements they’ll be greatfully received.

Italeri 1/72 Jaguar GR1

So heres a quick look at the back of the box, which has on it some nice artwork of an alternative camouflage scheme for the Jaguar. It’s an early winter camo that was used during exercises in Norway I believe.

The actual aircraft represented in these images is not covered by the decal sheet, this is probably due to the fact this actual aircraft was involved in a fatal crash in the Scottish Borders so I am actually surprised they use the image at all.

This is the scheme I am planning to use on my Jaguar, it looks like I am going to have to paint the standard Grey/Green wrap around camouflage, then mask the required areas off and overspray flat white. The only thing I am not sure of is whether or not to decal the aircraft first then put the white on which is how the scheme is represented in these images.

Gnat ready for masking

Ok so it has been a while since I have posted any updates, its been hard to get time to do much at the bench over the last week or so and when I have been at the bench its seems I have spent an inordinate amount of time sorting out what should be minor issues. Anyway I finally got the Light Aircraft Grey on the Gnat, I am using enamels on this one rather than acrylics and this in itself has not been without issue but its done now and she is finally ready to be masked off for the Dayglo work to be done!


Look what the deliveryman brought me! Got them on the Airfix VE Day promotion on the Airfix website. Have to say I won’t hesitate to use them again. Purchase was a great buying experience, plenty of contact throughout, I even got a text and email this morning with a 1hr time slot the items would be delivered within and they arrived bang on time. Kits were well packed. The box was full of packing peanuts which I have emptied out to take the photo.


When faced with a basement crammed full of old cardboard boxes, Columbus, Ohio resident Thomas Richner turned what could’ve been a tedious housecleaning chore into a completely awesome project. 140 hours later he’d painstakingly created a 5-foot-long, spectacularly detailed cardboard model of the Millennium Falcon.

Sure, it would’ve taken far less time to simply recycle all that cardboard, but you know what?

“She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.”

Richner used photographs and drawings of of the original ship as references while he built up the cardboard structure. As he got farther along and into more detailed stages, he used a snap-together model kit and 1977 Millennium Falcon Kenner toy as additional references.

“Cleaned out most of those boxes in the basement and have a five foot Falcon to show for it! My wife is thrilled!”

Visit Thomas Richner’s Imgur project page for plenty more process photos.

[via The Visual News]

So what is it that keeps bringing me back?

As I mentioned in the initial post scale models are a hobby that I
have had an on again off again affair with since I was a child. It’s
difficult to say what it is that keeps bringing me back to it. It’s
certainly something I enjoy doing, there’s some thing really satisfying
about watching what ever it is you are building slowly taking shape in
your own hands.

I’ve always enjoyed making things, even as a child, then again during my
apprenticeship in engineering. Even now in my current mainly office
based job, the times I enjoy the most at work are those when I get
to leave my monitor and keyboard for a while and head into the workshops
to actually produce the required goods.  I guess the creation part of
the hobby is certainly the biggest appeal to me, but I also appreciate
the finished articles too.

So what bought me back this time? Well I last built a kit probably around 8
or 9 years ago and then as life does, it got in the way. I still had a
few kits sitting in the spare room unbuilt and one of my customers from
work invited me to attend the Scottish National Scale Model Show to meet
him and see some of the build he and his club were displaying there.
Unfortunately I didn’t actually get to meet the customer but I was again
taken in by the world in miniature on display.

The builds at the show were amazing and all the vendors selling kits and
after market parts etc. Well it whet my appetite so I decided to buy a
cheap kit to get back into things and start building again. After much
time spent lusting after many of the kits on sale I finally settled on
an F-5E Tiger II by Revell in 1/48 Scale out of pure nostalgia for the
aircraft as its one I have loved since childhood.