Winging it

It’s finally time to get back to sticking some plastic together! I’ve been working on the Vampire again and have managed to get the fuslage shut and the main parts of the wings together. This was fairly uneventful although I have been left with a small step at one of the wing roots which I am not sure how to address without losing some of the fine rivet engraving etc. I may just have to try and reinstate this after some remedial work is carried out.


MiG 27, Getting shady

Well I can wait no longer, time to get some paint down, this is proving to be a little more difficult than usual as my AS186 chinese compressor keeps overheating, I will strip it down again and see if I can’t get it somewhere near normal, if not I guess the letter to santa will be leaving early this year!

Construction Begins

Well I managed to get a start on this as I said so I built what little there is to the cockpit up and started dry fitting the wings / fuselage. The two halves of the main fuselage actually look pretty close to one another so there shouldn’t be much fettling required to get a nice join without much of a seam line to worry about which is always good!

Gnat Complete!

The 2nd Gnat is finally completed. I added the last of the details tonight so I thought I would post up a few snaps of the finished article on her own and along side her sister aircraft. If you have any comments/critique/suggestions for improvement then please do make them!

Decals decals everywhere!

So the Decals are going on the first Gnat at the moment, to be honest considering how small this kit is even for a 1/72 I can believe the number of tiny decals included. Top work Airfix. Almost done though!

Unfiltered shots of the F-5E

I am not happy with the final result, over did the weathering in my opinion but as the kit was only ever to get my hand back in I’m not too bothered. The ladder needs a touch up too, the list goes on.

F-5E Tiger II fail but finished

So the F-5E Tiger II is complete, of a fashion. The weathering like everything else on this build went horrible, so in the end I figured I simply wasn’t going to waste time trying to get the finish I was looking for when there were so many other issues and gave up, so there we have it, the complete what not to do when building a 1/48 Revell F-5!

Never mind though, its done. It can leave the bench, never to be seen again. To be honest due to my love of the F-5 airframe I do plan on doing another in 1/48 scale, but next time I wont be going anywhere near a Revell/Monogram kit and instead i will be using a Kinetic Kit with all its associated photo etch goodies. There is a filter on the above photo just incase you were wondering, just so as to hide as much as possible lol!

On the home straight!

Decal work is finished and thanks to the wonderful Decalfix solution it went without a hitch (at least something has at last on this build). Load out attached. Ready for another coat of clear gloss prior to weathering


Look what the deliveryman brought me! Got them on the Airfix VE Day promotion on the Airfix website. Have to say I won’t hesitate to use them again. Purchase was a great buying experience, plenty of contact throughout, I even got a text and email this morning with a 1hr time slot the items would be delivered within and they arrived bang on time. Kits were well packed. The box was full of packing peanuts which I have emptied out to take the photo.