Slowly slowly!

Another quick shot of the F-5A from Tiger Hobbies. Flat Black’s applied, and the pic shows her waiting for decals. I actually made a start on them last night and they’re pretty good. The wing walkway outline broke up a bit but the stencils have all been easy to work with, they’re maybe using carrier film thats a touch thick for my liking but in general they’re pretty good. So much so I might actually keep the Turkish option to use on another F-5 I have planned.

Laying Down Some Paint!

Finally starting to look like an aircraft. Got the first paint down on her last night, I have used Revell Aqua’s Aluminium for this. I was going to pick out some panels with a different shade of metallic but I’m not sure if I should bother as the blue diamonds ships always seem to be spotless in the images I have seen.

Gnat Complete!

The 2nd Gnat is finally completed. I added the last of the details tonight so I thought I would post up a few snaps of the finished article on her own and along side her sister aircraft. If you have any comments/critique/suggestions for improvement then please do make them!

Jaguar Update

So just a quick update on the Jaguar, as you can see I have fitted the intakes and theres quite a big gap at the back of them. Time for the filler to come out!

Small Progess on Hurricane MK1

So heres where I am up to with the Hurricane build. I haven’t really had a lot of time to work on this the last few days but hopefully I can get it masked up and ready for paint over the weekend.

The fit between the fuselage and wings isn’t the greatest. I could have spent more time fettling the parts to a better fit than I have done but its nothing that can’t be hidden with some putty

Decals decals everywhere!

So the Decals are going on the first Gnat at the moment, to be honest considering how small this kit is even for a 1/72 I can believe the number of tiny decals included. Top work Airfix. Almost done though!

Gnat Unmasked!

So I finally took the masking off the paint job on the first Gnat last night, and this wasn’t without incident. I had masked the straight lines with Tamiya tape, and had used maskol for the first time on the more intricate parts, what I didn’t expect that the maskol not only come away from the body of the kit but also the paint that had oversprayed on to it meaning I had to actually trim off the overspray with a scalpel.

This has meant that some of the finer details I was trying to mask using the Maskol haven’t come out the way I had hoped so a little touching up will be required tonight prior to masking and painting the matt black on the nose!

Unfiltered shots of the F-5E

I am not happy with the final result, over did the weathering in my opinion but as the kit was only ever to get my hand back in I’m not too bothered. The ladder needs a touch up too, the list goes on.


Look what the deliveryman brought me! Got them on the Airfix VE Day promotion on the Airfix website. Have to say I won’t hesitate to use them again. Purchase was a great buying experience, plenty of contact throughout, I even got a text and email this morning with a 1hr time slot the items would be delivered within and they arrived bang on time. Kits were well packed. The box was full of packing peanuts which I have emptied out to take the photo.